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Though I’ve written a number of software engineering articles, I write rarely the typical programming how-to’s. Instead, my articles are more like opinion pieces. Having worked with software for a few decades, I’ve seen some practices that work, and others that don’t.

So I write about these practices, offering up…

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Phil Karlton famously said that the two hardest things in programming are cache invalidation, and naming things. I’d add dates and times to that list. For something so seemingly simple and intuitive to humans, the interaction of dates & times, and timestamps & timezones, has proven deceptively tricky for many…

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I’ve been writing as a hobby since I was a kid. But it’s been only recently that I’ve written articles for wide publication.

Still, in that relatively short period of time, I’ve learned a lot about how to write compelling, informative articles (well, I hope that they are compelling and…

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Anti-patterns — as the name suggests — are the opposite of patterns. Whereas the latter describes repeatable, effective solutions to common programming problems, anti-patterns illustrate common attempts to solve programming problems which, ultimately, tend to result in even worse problems.

Certain anti-patterns crop up again and again in our engineering…

Dave Taubler

Software architect, engineering leader, musician, husband, dad

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